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Find out how people feel about any trending topic, based on the emoji they use.

Enter any topic and find out which emoji are used most often in conversations about that topic!
You’ll also see what sentiment those emoji reflect—whether positive, negative, or somewhere in between.


We’re a group of friends from Miami Ad School and Wyncode Academy who just happen to be really intrigued by the evolving role of emoji in modern-day communication. We’re also cool people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Emojis? As our world becomes increasingly digital and fast-paced, emojis are becoming more and more popular. According to these statistics over 70% of people feel that emojis more accurately express what they are thinking. More accuracy means a better tool to measure sentiment.

What is Sentiment? The Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary defines it as, "a general feeling, attitude, or opinion about something". With #EmojiSentiment we take this one step further, by analyzing the top 3 tweets for your brand we give you a sentiment score from 0 - 100; 0 being the worst attitude towards something and 100 being the best possible attitude towards something. Using our tool, you can complement your other sentiment analysis suites with an additional insight.